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Three Exercises to Help Improve Balance

Incorporating balance exercises on a regular basis can have substantial health benefits in your life. Examples of these health improvements include overall coordination, strength, and body awareness. Balance exercises can also help those who are experiencing issues with dizziness and vertigo.

When you first start implementing these balance exercises, it is best to start near a corner of a room and facing the corner, to lightly touch each wall as needed for safety during your balance training. If you are struggling with these beginning exercises, there is the option to have someone stand near you for monitoring and assistance. While practicing these exercises, it is important to maintain good posture to achieve optimum results. Work to balance during these exercises without having to touch down with the raised foot or touch the wall.

One Leg Standing with Eyes Open – 1 minute each leg

Begin your balance training by standing on your left or right leg. Keep both eyes open as you stay on one leg for one full minute. Once finished, switch to stand on the other leg for another minute. If needed, practice this exercise near a corner of the room to gently tap or touch if you’re feeling off balance.

1 Leg in Front of the Other – 1 minute each leg

Next, place your left foot directly in front of your right with your right toes touching the heel of your left foot. Keep your eyes open as you remain in this position for one minute. Switch feet for an additional minute after.

1 Leg Standing and Heel-Toe with Eyes Closed – 20 seconds to 1 minute each leg

Once you feel like you have grown a solid balance foundation with the first two exercises, try repeating the first exercise with your eyes closed for at least 20 seconds for each leg.

As you grow more accustomed to these exercises and would like to increase the difficulty of these balance practices, you can progress to standing on a pillow or wobble board while doing these exercises.

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